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012 / Glaswegian Pakistani

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My parents came from the Punjab
mass migration from the Sub-Continent
to come and work in the buses and factories.
My dad owned a corner shop, typical business.
Born in Lanarkshire, growing up in a
working class environment,
mass unemployment, industrial city.
So much racism cos of the colour of my skin.
The NF giving us grief
“Go back home you Pakis!”.
We were the minority amongst the majority.
Speaking Punjabi with a Glaswegian accent,
half Punjabi, half English.
Clothes that made me feel and stand out differently.
Ashamed of my roots and culture,
I wanted to be something else.
Wishing my skin colour was anything but brown.

Moving to London, people not understanding me,
having to change the way I spoke,
making sure I didnae join mi words together.
My accent still strong, my skin colour different,
makes people question how can it be?
This is multi-cultural Britain,
So don’t judge by the the colour of my skin or my words.
Welcome to The Real Britain!

London so diverse, exciting, different languages,
nations, foods, tastes, music.
Living in the East End,
So much history
from William Booth, Dr. Barnardo’s to the East India Tea Co.
so much poverty and greed,
a great divide between the poor and rich.
So many migrants that have travelled through
Jews, Pakistanis, Bengalis...
I fit in so well here.
I am in the majority not the minority!

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