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016 / My Life Story

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I  came from Bangladesh in 1994. Bangladesh is the most beautiful  country  in South Asia. I love my  country. I want  to  go to Bangladesh but  I  can’t afford it. It has now been 9 years since I went home. I miss my country. I grew up  in Sylhet.  I grew up in a very big house with 5 sisters and 2 brothers. I'm the 5th oldest.

My father was a lawyer. My father passed away when I was 6 years old.  My mum and oldest brothers looked after us. I came to England  after I  got married  when  I was 16.  My brother arranged my marriage. I was not happy at the time because I really wanted to finish my secondary school and possibly go to college, but my brother was the boss.

When I came to England my 2 sisters already lived here. When I arrived my sisters and in-laws received me. I was excited to see them, and England as well.

After five days I was surprised because I was expecting . I was eight weeks pregnant and I didn’t know, but I was happy. After a few days I suddenly had a miscarriage.

After 2 two months I conceived again and now I am a mother of five. All my children are cute and helpful. When I came to England  I wanted to learn  to speak  English  but I couldn't because I was staying with my extended family. After 10 years I  moved to  Poplar.

One day I  found a centre. It was called Lansbury Lodge. I told my husband to give me permission. It took 2 months and finally he  gave me permission. This was in May 2007.

When I entered the centre I met a wonderful lady called Beth. She introduced another lovely lady Moshoda. She registered me and said they would call me when they got space. After a week Moshoda called me, and finally I started my English classes.

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