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044 / Beautiful Bonds

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Gill has a lovely family. She has one daughter who is 14 years old and one foster son who is 15½ years old. Her daughter’s name is Adjouah, which means “girl who was born on a Tuesday”, even though Adjouah was not born on Tuesday but Thursday. Gill did not think the name Ahou, which means “girl born on a Thursday” would sound appropriate in England where they live!

Her foster son, Hassan, has come from Afghanistan and has been living with Gill and her family since December 2008. Before he started school he spent his first six months learning English and the lifestyle in the UK. Hassan and Adjouah share a beautiful bond between them and help each other with their homework.

Coming from a different culture and religion has put some challenges in front of Hassan but he is dealing with them sensibly and moves himself away from awkward situations. He often chats with his foster dad about these matters as he understands this situation because they both share the similarity of coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Shimu, a journalism student,
Wrote this about Gill as part of her course

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